Meet The only Team that has won the WWE world, WCW, RAW and smackdown Tag team champions.

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In this article we are going to talk about the only team in WWE history that's has held all day WWE tag Team Champion that existed in WWE main roster.

NXT tag team champions are not included in this list, we are just going to tell about the Tag Team Champions that have existed in the WWE main roster since its introduction

Tag Team wrestlinghas always been a staple of professional Wrestling, the WWE being the top promotion in wrestling history has never been an exception. The first tag champion in WWE was established was established in 1971 and the first champion numbers Luke Graham and Tarzan Tyler it was held during that time by great teams like Mr Fuji and Prof Tori Tanaka, The valiant Brothers, The Wild Samoans among otgers. It wasn't really regarded as that important title untill it came to the wwe's Golden Era when teams like Demolition, The Hart foundation, The Rockers, The British Bulldogs began putting in classic matches and great title Reigns to mold the tag team division into what it is now. Even during the WWE attitude Era, many random teams where winning the titles randomly but tgay were still able to make it look great, but throughout the WWE, Ruthless aggression Era it felt as though the tag champs had no importance again, but today teams like the The Newday and the usos are bring in their best to make sure that tag team division is as important as the singles.

The four tag Champions that have existed in WWE are; the world tag team champion which was established in 1971, it was later unified with the wwe's tag team champion in 2009 and subsequently retired in 2010. The next is the WCW Tag champs which which came to WWE in 2001 as a result of WWE buying WCW when they couldn't continue with the business again, it was also retired the same year as it was United with the world tag team. The next became the WWE tag team champion, established in 2002 as a result of the brand extension which left Smackdown without any tag Champions, the WWE tag team champion was created to give those talented wrestlers something to wrestle for. It was later renamed the raw tag team Champion after another draft pick in 2016 took it to Raw instead of it's original homes. It was briefly called unified tag team champion in 2009 when it was unified with the world tag team champions, when the later was retired in 2010, the cup went back to its original name. The last becomes the smackdown tag team Champion. It was established the same way the Raw tag team champion was established, which is smackdown needing a title for their team to wrestle for. Only one team has managed to hold all these tag team champion


They are the Hardy Boys. One of the greatest tag team in history of professional wrestling as a whole, also known as team extreme, they debuted as a team in 2000 and since then they have been winning titles and setting records. The are a total of 9 times tag team champs. 6 times world tag team Champion and one reign each as Raw, Smackdown and ECW Tag Team Champions.

The first one they won was the world tag champs which they won in 1999 by defeating the APA, JBL and Farooq/ Ron Simmons. They went on to win the WCW Tag champs by defeating Booker t and Sean o'Haire in September of 2001, they lost it in a unification Steel cage match at the survivor series 2001 PPV. The third was the Raw tag team Champions which they won at wrestlemania 33, after making a surprise return, they defeated three other teams to win the title in a ladder match. The last they won was the smackdown tag team champion which they won on 2019 after Mania smackdown by defeating the Usos. The Reign just didn't last long, it lasted for just 14 day before They vacated it due to Jeff Hardy's injury. So this becomes their own record.

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