Man chops off 16 year old girlfriend’s hand for rejecting his marriage proposal

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The man chopped off his 16-year-old girlfriend's hand for refusing to marry him||Kenya police are investigating an incident in which a man allegedly cut off his girlfriend's underage man's hand for refusing his marriage proposal.

The perpetrator with the murder knife allegedly brought his 16-year-old girlfriend to his parents’ home around 9:00 pm. Last week, cut off his right hand.

The suspect was a second-year high school student and was injured many times in other parts of his body. She was taken to the local referral hospital in Mbale.

"He wanted to marry me, but I refused because I was still interested in my studies. It was not good for him. He was very angry with me," the victim told reporter on Friday.

The 16-year-old girl said that she was in a friend's company on that fateful day.

"After cutting off my hand, he left, leaving me in a pool of blood. "It was my friend who called my person and took me to the Budada Hospital, where I was transferred to Mbale. Regional referral hospitals are better managed," she said.

The victim accused the police of releasing the perpetrator under unknown circumstances after the arrest.

"I hope the police re-arrest the suspect because I need justice. She said that he should be arrested and prosecuted.

According to the "Daily Monitor" report, the incident has been registered at the Bududa Central Police Station, but the victim obtained a police form No. 3, which indicated that it was a murder case, not an attempted murder.

An unnamed detective at the police station confirmed that the suspect had been arrested and released on the same day.

The victim’s mother, Ms. Juliet Kansa, said that the suspect’s family compromised the police.

She appealed to the Inspector General of Police and Lieutenant Colonel Edith Nakalemma, Director of the Anti-Corruption Division of the Federal House of Representatives.

Kaenza said: "The Chief of Police of the Criminal Investigation Department can also intervene and help us get justice."

She said the police will also be asked to clarify the reason for the suspect's release.

"My daughter lost her eyesight and felt very painful. "We don't even have the resources to take care of her," Mrs. Kaenza said.

The official in charge of the criminal investigation, Anthony Mutuma, said he was investigating two murder and attempted filth cases.

However, Mrs. Canza argued that her daughter was not defiled.

CID officials are cheating. I have never mentioned the situation of of pollution. she says. The only reported case was an attempt to murder my daughter.

Mr. Mutuma said it was difficult for them to find the perpetrator because the victim told detectives that she could not identify the perpetrator.

"We arrested two people and dealt with the attempted murders against these people, so I cannot prosecute them because this is a court case. But the prosecutor of the Budadar Resident State has instructed us to release the suspect with a police bond because of the victimization. The person’s statement is not clear. The girl said that it was dark and she did not remember the perpetrator. "Mr. Mutuma refuted the victim’s statement.

District Education Officer Betty Khainza said that they have begun an investigation into the matter.

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