Angry Liverpool fans blast star player after losing to Chelsea


Liverpool continue their action in the Premier League tonight against Chelsea as they hope to increase their chance to finish in the top four of the EPL table this season.

And following their result tonight some Liverpool fans were furious with star player Fabinho after a poor performance.

And have reacted on Twitter to the star player performance. See some reactions below.

- Fabinho has cost us more games than I care to remember. He is simply not a defender, period. Either he is played in midfield or sits out. Mane + Fabinho + a careless Firmino + impactless Tiago = defeats. So am out.

- No, Trent was not wrong at all... Fabinho is to be blamed 100%

- what klopp expects to see when he plays fabinho at the back

- Goal was too easy for fabinho not to defend it #LIVCHE

- It's crazy how many times Fabinho switched off in this game #LIVCHE

- Bro Fabinho lateral movement is the slowest thing I have seen. Trent for mark Mount