Angry Kenyans React After Corruption Stricken KEMSA Announces New Tenders


The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) has been on spotlight after the controversial Multi Billion tenders that were revealed to have been issued without due processes. Several high ranking politicians and civil servants were named in the KEMSA scandals which were dubbed "covid millionaires" because the men and women in question were to supply coronavirus related material including PPES and face masks.

Hon David Murathe was put to task by the Parliamentary Procurement committee for having benefited in the tenders which were unlawful. The cases revolving around the high corruption in KEMSA have not been concluded and Kenyan taxpayers have the chilling feeling that their taxes are landing in few individuals pockets.

In now what has been termed as a 'joke', the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority has yet announced that opportunities are open for willing Kenyans to apply for tenders in the organization. KEMSA has said all eligible Kenyans can apply for the tenders.

Although the original management of KEMSA was recalled and a new management installed, previous cases have not been conclusively dealt with.

The specialized medical logistics supplier for public health facilities and programmes is tasked with providing necessary equipment to Kenyan public health facilities, and with the increasing cases of coronavirus the corporation is tasked heavily.

KEMSA replaced the Kenya Medical stores administration that had existed since 1901.

A supplier who was put to task informed the questioning bench that he received a tender in KEMSA when he was passing by the gates of the corporation. Kenyans are now making mockery by saying they will pass by the KEMSA gates to try their luck.