Top Four Players Who Hated Each Other in Football History Their Reasons Explained

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Rafael Van Der Vaart

This players were teammate back at Ajax and they played a couple of games together without being friends.Van Der Vaart claimed that Zlatan is accusing him of injuring him intentionally while they were on training.The then Ajax boss Koeman called them and Zlatin lost the debate.Though Zlatin said he would break Vaart leg if he would not apologize to him.

William Gallas and Kolo Toure

They never spoke to each other when they were on the pitch and their beef may have started after 2 2 draw with Birmingham.They never spoke about it at length but it seemed it was a tight one.

Arjen Robben and Robert Lewandowski.

After Robert arrived,their beef started after Lewandowski claimed that Robben was very selfish and was passing the ball to him.

Emmanuel Frimpong and Samir Nasri

This beef was so hot that Frimpong even told Nasri that they can sort it out like men of course he met with blows and kicks beef originated from a 2 0 defeat by Liverpool where Frimpong was shown a red card and Nasri went in the dressing room and accused him of making them lose the match.Frimpong even said that Nasri would give him five billion dollars but they would never be friends. 

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