Uhuru Kazini: 8 Major Development Projects That Became Successful Under President Uhuru's Leadership


Before anyone becomes a leader they must have ambitions and manifestos that will convince people that they will benefit. However, not all of them manage to keep their promises.

President Kenyatta has wowed Kenyans by the great work he has done since he took over power. Below are some of the development projects that became successful because of Uhuru's leadership:

1. 4.2KM Access Road

This road connects the Southern By-pass near Wilson Airport and the Nairobi Inland Container Depot. The purpose of the road was to ease the movement of cargo from the depot and decongest Mombasa road.

2. Green park Terminus

The Greenpark bus terminus is located on Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi. President Uhuru visited the place on 1 April and was impressed with the work that was going on.

The terminus was created to reduce traffic in the Nairobi CBD. A mini-supermarket, dispensary, a police station and a modern restaurant are to be created at the park to serve travellers.

3. Jamhuri Sports Complex

The construction of this facility started last year and it is set to cater for major sports namely one rugby pitch, an athletics truck, a hockey field and three football pitches. The sports complex will promote sporting activities and nurture talents across the country.

4. Nairobi-Express Way

The construction of this road was launched in October 2020 by President Uhuru Kenyatta and it's expected to be completed by 2022. It will also serve the purpose of reducing congestion in Nairobi.

5. Kajiado-Imaroro Road

The completion of this road brought hope to the residents of Isara, Imaroro, Kajiado, Isinya, Kisrrian Ngong and Suswa. The value of their lands was doubled since transportation of agricultural products became easy. Kajiado being a tourist destination, it is easier for the tourists to visit the place with the good road.

6. Ruiru Arms Factory

The Ksh 4B project was opened by President Uhuru on 8th April this year. He said that it's time Kenya started relying on herself for security equipment.

Through the factory the country will save the huge amount of money required to import weapons from abroad. The factory will also provide employment opportunities for Kenyans.

7. Digitalised Lands Registry

On 27 April President Kenyatta launched 'Ardhisasa' which is a digital land management system meant for bringing transparency to the sector of land in Kenya. The system will curb fraud, ease land transaction processes and ensure security of land records.

8. Liwatoni Floating Bridge

The Liwatoni Pedestrian Floating Bridge was officially launched on 10th December 2020 by President Kenyatta. The construction was made effective by China Road and Bridge Corporation and Kenya National Highways Authority supervised the process.

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