Safety Guidelines To Apply While Shaving Or Trimming Down Stairs


Some guys and ladies who want to remove pubic hair prefer prefer not to shave because the hare usually grows back in just a couple of days. In the meantime, your genital area can feel itchy and prickly because the skin in this area is very sensitive.

Below are some of the guidelines to use while shaving or trimming the pubic hair;

1. Dream as much hair as possible before you begin shaving. Don't use a dull pair of scissors.

2. Soak in the tub for at least 5 minutes to soften the skin and pubic hair before you shave.

3. Apply shaving cream or gel with aloe vera or another soothing agent over all the areas you plan to shave.

4. Use a new/sharp razor - don't use a dull blade or a disposable razor blade.

5. Hold the skin tight with one hand and shave with the other hand. Avoid using too much pressure.

6. Saving the direction that the hair grows, using slow strokes.

7. Using a loofah sponge after shaving (if you skin tolerate it) can help open the hair follicles. If your skin gets irritated easily, skip this step.

8. Rinse your skin with warm water after you're done shaving and then pat to dry.

9. Apply baby oil or lotion with aloe vera to the shaved area when you are done. Avoid scented products because they may sting skin.

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