So Shameful: See What A Guy Was Caught Shamelessly Doing After Drinking 'Weed' [VIDEO]

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The rate at which the youth are currently taking in various kinds of harmful and deleterious substances or drugs, is very high and touching. The consumption of these kinds of harmful drugs or substances tends to pose a threat on the country's socio-economic development, and as such reduce the country's standard of living.

A viral video surfacing online and mostly circulating across the various social media handles, reveal a youth of the country who was caught performing an "unimportant" activity after taking in 'vody' and 'weed' which got him drunk and high. The guy was seen vividly in the video walking through a nearby cassava farm and 'weeding' the available crops with his bare hands and also his teeth .

However, his allies who were with him and was recording what he was doing, gave him fans and also encouraged him to continue with the weeding.


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