Why do most Ghanaians love Akrobeto so much? Here are four reasons


Ghanaian movie industry has produce series of funny and educative movies. Serving as a platform to people who has the will to act, discovering new talents over the years. Despite it poor editing which we all criticize, Ghanaian movies have put Ghana on the map. One can argue, Nigeria movies are the best but to me,Ghana movies have the best funny and educative storyline.

One person in the Ghanaian movie industry who is serious in his role is Akwasi Boadi popularly known as "Akrobeto". This fine gentleman is seen in most of the kumawood movies. He is one of the funniest actor and Ghana's favorite. Have you ever heard a story about him in a bad way before? The answer is big no. This man always keeps his flaws clean and make sure his private life doesn't pop up on the internet. In today's article,we will look at the reason why Akrobeto is loved by most Ghanaians.

Firstly,he carries himself so well and been consistent. He listens and learn too as well. I haven't watch a single movie of his where his performance was below standard. He has been giving his best when it comes to acting and this can be seen in his movies. With his consistency,this man is Lionel Messi in the movie industry. He hasn't receive the much education but you can see he is a good learner. His english are hilarious but also funny.

Again,he is never depressed and always put a smile on his face even when he is hurt. If you have watch a movie featuring him and lil win,you would understand this. Verbal exchange from Lil Win to him is something harshy and off script but this man mood won't change,he will still focus on the movie. That's professional.

Also,he is so serious with his work even when he is joking. When Akrobeto plays a villain role, oh my God! This man can make you laugh and cry at the same time. He is too serious to feature only in Ghanaian movies. You can't tell whether he is joking or not cos he's always serious in front of camera.

Lastly,man is so humble and nose everything. "Mr who nose tommorow" always humble himself in every situation he finds himself. He doesn't show off his luxuries,no hair dye,no piercing and no tattoo. We have seen and heard in several interviews when people talk about his humility despite all his riches.

What do you also like about Akrobeto. Kindly drop it in the comments section.

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