14 Good Looking Ankara Short Gowns For Slay Queen

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Ankara could be a vibrant, colour-patterned African wax that has dominated both the international and native fashion scene. Stylists have come to like it. Ankara, also called ankara prints, Holland wax and Dutch wax, is primarily related to Africans due to its tribal-like patterns and motifs

On the opposite hand, sneakers are soft pair of shoes worn for sport or casual occasions. Though primarily designed for sport and other types of work up, it's now widely used for everyday wear. Sneakers are available in different colours.

These days, it's common to work out young women wearing sneakers on Ankara gown, Ankara top, Ankara trouser and Ankara skirt .

A short gown with a fine looking pair of sneaker is as fashionable as rocking jean and sneakers.

Ankara and sneaker is now trending and may be worn any time, any day, for any occasion. the explanation ladies love ankara on sneakers is solely because they create them loavirus Realtime Updates

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