Stop Saying; "I Saw your Missed Call", It's Wrong Say, This Instead And More Corrections


Because English is a global language, being able to communicate effectively in it is advantageous and can be extremely useful in life. For instance, regardless of the country from which pilots originate, English is the universal language of pilots. 

It is acceptable to make grammar errors; after all, everyone makes mistakes, but we must always be willing to accept corrections. 

We will examine common grammar errors that the majority of people make and their corrections in this article.

1. I Saw Your Missed Call

This one is common, and I must admit that I say it as well, but it is incorrect. Never say, "I saw your missed call." Instead, say, "I missed your call."

2. I Am In A Bus

This one is also common; when people answer a phone call in buses or public cabs, they frequently state, "I am on a bus," which is incorrect. The proper phrase is "I am on a bus."

3. Have You Eaten? 

This is a common error; instead of asking, "Have you eaten?" ask, "Have you had your; breakfast, lunch, or dinner?" This is the correct statement to make.

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