For treatment of asthma and heart sickness do this

Urinary tract infection especially in men! are caused by a bacterial infection,however today with the help of natures made coconut roots urinary infection will be an infection of the past Amen.

Get fresh coconut roots and chop them On to pieces and them slightly,wash them thoroughly and put it on fire to boil them using clay pot,or anything else,allow the boil twater and roots Mizuno;re to cool down drink this solution thrice daily to bid farewell to urinary infection.Take in more coconut water to remain strong and healthy because coconut juice or water is more healthy than current energy drinks.

Remember u can also chew the whitish part of the coconut as it also gave same result,you can also boil it's roots for same result,however for treatment of asthma and heart related sickness chewing of coconut lower part the whitish and tender part is the best because coconut itself is spiritually and physically good,dont forget to like our page comment and follow us for more updates on health and wellness.