Jaypaul & Cross are my friends. There is no bad blood among us. I'm focused on my brand -Saskay

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Saskay reveals the current state of her friendship with Cross and Jaypaul.

Recall the love triangle between Cross, Jaypaul, and Saskay back in the big brother’s house. Saskay decided to reveal the current state of the love triangle. 

I would say this once. Jaypaul and Cross are both my friends and there is absolutely no bad blood among us. As per relationship-wise. I'm focused on building my brand. Love will come later. -Saskay says.

As expected, Saskay’s statement got a lot of reactions from fans on social media.

Kemi: After she as collected a lot of shipper’s gifts. Now she is coming out to say there are friends.

Wale: The CrossKay shipper and the SasJay shippers in the mud.

Gideon: I love how she came out early to tell people to stop gifting her in the name of a relationship.

See more reactions via the screenshots provided below.

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