(Trending) Latest News From International Monetary Fund(IMF) Concerning Public Debt


The international monetary fund is an international organization that offers loans to countries which need help or in a crisis. The IMF has been on the frontline in helping countries adversely affected by the Covid 19 crisis .In the past few weeks the international monetary fund had been the talk of the town in Kenya after citizens ganged up against the government from borrowing funds from the organization . This was explained by citizens that when the government borrows public debts it ends up misuses and with time public debts keep rising. This is the latest tweet from IMF on Twitter "We are projecting a stronger recovery compared with our January forecast, with growth projected to be 6% in 2021, after an estimated historic contraction of -3.3% in 2020. The recovery will however be uneven. "

More in @GitaGopinath’s latest #IMFblog. https://t.co/iWrmEJhLSz #WEO https://t.co/mwHHWxpTrI

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