USA, UK, Germany Make Final Decision On Putin

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Russia President Vladimir Putin ( Photo Courtesy)

As beleaguered Russia President Vladimir Putin stays put even as his troops continue to ravage war-torn Ukraine, the G7 group of countries have insisted that they will not allow the Russian leader to triumph.

While addressing the press on Tuesday at the venue of the G7 meeting in Baravia, Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz insisted that they will never allow the embattled Putin to win the war.

According to Scholz, they will continue supporting the battered Ukraine by all means possible, and continue to impose severe and damaging sanctions on Russia to force Putin, who has been sidelined from the rest of the world, to stop the war.

The meeting which brought together leaders from seven most advanced economies in the world, was also attended by USA President Joe Biden, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and France President Emmanuel Macron.

The meeting is seen as a response by the West to handle the Ukraine crisis which is now in its six months since the beginning of Russian invasion.

Already, the West has promised to continue supporting the bleeding Ukraine by all means possible, both militarily and economically.

This comes even as the war in Ukraine continues to affect global economy with the prices of basic commodities like food skyrocketing.

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