A mother asked her kids to pack her lunch, and what she found in her lunch bag left her in tears

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The relationship between parents and their children will always be special. As parents have an opportunity to do right by their children in terms of teachings, lessons, values and morals. Many children get to experience numerous things through their parents, even though some may not say much but they constantly observe. As the famous saying goes “kids don’t do what their parents tell them but they practice what their parents do” and that’s something to ponder about if you’re planning to bring a life in this world. 

Your actions need to align with your talks when you’re a parent. Otherwise, your kids will call you out for being a hypocrite or a liar. Parenthood is not as glamourous as many people make it to be in real life. Don’t be fooled by those family goals on social media. There’s a lot they’re not sharing which occurs behind the scenes before even getting those adorable moments that get to be shown online. Now, a proud mother has shared one of the craziest moments of her parenthood journey on her social media platform. In most cases, mothers feel that once they have kids that will lead to some sort of freedom within their household. 

As they will not do much in terms of household activities once their kids reach a certain age. Oh well, @naSkosana_ on Twitter had another thing coming as soon as she asked her kids to back her lunch for work. Which didn’t expect that her kids will ever do her dirty like that, as they packed her an alcoholic beverage - Brutal Fruit instead of a cool drink or juice. She was shocked when she opened her lunchbox bag at work to find alcohol. This has led to her stating that she won’t be having any more kids following this embarrassing incident. “I asked my kids to pack my lunch [crying face emojis]. What kind of a prank is this? I’ll never have unprotected s** ever again,” said @naSkosana_ on her Twitter account.

Nevertheless, though she ended up having a drink at work without even planning it. Surely, her kids mow something that she doesn’t in terms of how she allegedly spends most of her weekends. By the looks of things, her kids felt that she deserves to have a drink even at work. At times you have to love kids and their understanding of what their parents want to drink. 

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Date: 18/10/2021

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