I let my friends stay in my house for free. See what they said about me after we quarreled- Lady.


A really beautiful Nigerian lady has narrated a sad situation she found herself in, after all her efforts trying to help her female friends.

According to her, she tried helping two of her female friends in 2015.

They live rent free and do not contribute a dime nor pay any bills.

She has people who usually gives her gifts like huge money and all sorts, she would take them home and show her friends, when she goes out she usually brkugh gifts for or them too.

One day there was a quarrel between them and one of the girls decided to leak out all the conversation they have had in secrets.

She then discovered her friends secretly talked behind her back about how she has been using Their glory, that why good thing only come to her.

She also discovered they stole the number of her then boyfriend and has been secretly chatting him without her knowledge.

Apparently they have also been secretly using her perfumes and bath with her soap because they believe that's where her JuJu is.

She has since then stopped keeping friends and swore never to accommodate any female friends in her house ever again.

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