SACK SOLSKJAER: Will A Loss To Atalanta Determine The Fate Of Solskjaer As Manchester United Coach?

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The talks of Manchester United's possibility of getting a new coach has emerged after the Red devils' side has failed to win in their last five games. 

A loss to Leicester City can be considered as an erroneous one. So many things went wrong in that match, from the starting of an unfit Maguire that caused a shaky defense. 

The upcoming feature against Atalanta on Wednesday in the UCL could be a fate decider for Ole. We all know he has the support of the club board and they have fully trusted him after taking the team from a variance of being poor to a decent level. 

However, the resources on the ground in the club are overwhelming. There shouldn't be any cause for struggling to win matches. Paul Scholes and Gary Neville are Manchester United legends, we regard them in that bid. But it's obvious that they are supporting Ole based on him being their former teammates. 

I could remember during the days of Mourinho at Manchester United, whether he wins or lose, they still find so many mistakes in him. The double standards for different personalities can lure a team to failure. We need to state the fact and make the right decision when a person is failing. 

Did Ole make a mistake against Leicester City? Yes, he did. Is that his first mistake at Manchester United? No, that's not even his first mistake this season. The inconsistency in his tactics makes it very difficult for his team to compete. You know, he benched his top players in the Carabao Cup just because of an EPL game on the weekend. Eventually, he lost the two games. 

Will a loss to Atalanta determine the fate of Ole as Manchester United coach? Yes, it will. The first crack that could open the door to a sack for him. It's a win or nothing for Manchester United. 

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