10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Worship Celebrities

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The world in which we live is glitzy and glamorous. Almost anyone has the capacity to become a star overnight. You could construct your empire in no time with only one viral video. You don't need a specific set of abilities or talent to be popular; all you need is to be trending on social media. As a result, the previously coveted celebrity status has suffered a considerable setback. Here are some reasons why celebrities should not be worshipped.

Times Have Changed

You shouldn't waste your time idolizing celebrities in an era where the girl from "Catch Me Outside" has a legitimate rap career. I'm not suggesting that these folks are awful people, but you're wasting your time appreciating people who don't deserve it. Until recently, the only way to become a superstar was to have exceptional talent and charisma. Sure, there were bad celebrities back then, but I guarantee they reached to the top because they were talented.

False Lives

don't live the lifestyles that they portray on social media Yes, they're wealthier than you and me, but don't expect every celebrity to be as wealthy as JAY-Z. It's all a ruse to get more "clout" and attract more followers.

Be A Fan Not Worshiper

It's quite fine to be a fan of anything or someone. You can admire someone's films, music, or art, but you shouldn't follow them blindly. Maybe it's time to reassess your "fandom" if you start equating their thoughts and opinions to the word of God.


Even if you know who they are, celebrities are still strangers. You must not feel as though you "know" them personally, regardless of how long they've been in the spotlight. As a result, why would you adore someone who isn't even aware of your existence?

Don't be creepy

It's strange to worship another person. Do you really want to use that much energy praising someone you'll almost certainly never meet? Most people reading this will probably think this is obvious, yet you'd be surprised how many people hold celebrities in this regard.

Exactly Like You

At the end of the day, celebrities are just like you and me. Regardless of their public personas, they all have the same worries and fears. Don't try to live up to the false standards that are often circulated on social media.

Those who are deserving of it

Use your time and energy to express affection to your friends and family instead of idolizing strangers. People who know their favorite celebrities' favorite cuisines, movies, and hobbies yet don't know their friends' favorite restaurants.

Love Thy Self

You must first love and appreciate yourself before you can fully love and appreciate someone else. Stop thinking that other people are better than you and start loving yourself. Become a celebrity in your own right.

Here Today ..gone tomorrow

There are very few things in this life that are permanent.

This is especially true in the case of celebrity. The sexiest person in the room right now might not be here in a year or two. Do you really want to worship someone who might make you feel bad in five years?

They’re Probably ********

Okay, this final argument is a little snarky, but celebrities are notorious for having large egos and being douchebags as a result. Do you really want to get all worked up about someone like that? I don't believe so! Take care of yourself.



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