"Good Innovation" Emotions High As A Man Attempt To Modify His Motorbike Into A Chopper


Residents from Webuye in Bungoma Bungoma County have been shocked with the amazing innovation that was done by one of the boda boda man after he was spotted modifying his 150cc motorbike into a flying chopper.

According to the guy, he believes that through his knowledge, he can apply his skills and modify that motorbike using other materials to transform it into a flying chopper.

This is a very encouraging skill which simply means that when such like a person is given a chance to display his abilities through innovation, he can come up with the best skills and later become a great person who can add value to the entire nation.

On the other hand, a section of kenyans who have come across this amazing innovation, jave congratulated the guy some demanding that the government should look for ways in which it should be helping such creative minded people to develop their skills. Below is how they have reacted on the facebook page where the photo was posted.

How do you suggest what should be done by the government to support such people in the country?

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