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Date : 30 November 2021

Twitter has again turned another woman into a laughing stock after people noticed something strange. A lady whose details were not revealed ended up being the talk of the day after people she posted her picture and people noticed something so strange and unusual on her picture. She uploaded a picture of herself with a man next her while she was at a club but less she knew that people would notice something on her picture that will make her o trend.

On the picture masses noticed something that looked like a condom next to her bag. What left people wondering is why she had a condom at the club.Now the public have so many questions that are not getting answers.People have started to call her names for having a condom and taking it wherever she goes.It is hard to truly understand why she would publicly show a condom or maybe it belonged to someone who forgot it when he or she left.

Now the big question is, is it hers and if so why did she go with it to the club.Meanwhile there are those who are calling her names there are those who praised her for being extra careful by carrying that wherever she goes. Remember we always hear stories of people who tend to get intimate with others at clubs and mostly it tends to end in tears as they hardly use protection.

Womem are always being advised to carry protection with them to ensure that they are safe from getting sexual transmitted diseases.Many say it is being responsible when a woman tries by all means to put her well being first. This ensures that they are safe from getting any diseases transmitted sexually due a moment of fun. What is your take on this matter?

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