"He is Among The Few MPs We Have" Jubilee Official Reveals Issac Mwaura Little Known Admirable Side

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The Deputy Majority Chief Whip in the National Assembly Maoka Maore praised Jubilee Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura during a live TV interview on Tuesday evening.

The duo made appearance as panelists during an interview with KTN news, with emphasis being on the state of politics across the country.

The two legislators were before 2018 reading from the same page, and the unveiling of the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga brought divisions with Mwaura joining Deputy President William Ruto while Maore remained behind Uhuru.

Ruto's camp have been arguing that the handshake interrupted the Jubilee administration Big 4 Agenda.

Well, according to Maore, Issac is among the very few MPs the country has who are always with a book, and thus he should have advised on better ways of achieving the agenda.

"You will always find Mwaura in a company of a book. He reads, but he does not want to use what he finds out, because I know he has read over millions of books. If there are people in Jubilee who should have been talking about the Big 4 in all the functions the leaders go, then it is Mwaura," said Maore.

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