Skeem Saam: Khwezikwazi wants to finish Lehasa Maphosa after mentioning pretty in her presence

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Khwezikwazi wants to finish about Lehasa Maphosa after mentioning Petty's name in her presence, because it is clear that Lehasa Maphosa loves pretty over Khwezikwazi, so it is fortunate that Peterson entered at the right time before Khwezikwazi trying to kill him.

Khwezikwazi felt betrayed after all the things she did to Lehasa Maphosa thinking that Lehasa Maphosa loves her the way she did, so now she finds herself in a difficult situation because she is pregnant and she is preparing marriage, but Lehasa Maphosa cheat for her,so she is very angry and she will willing to do everything to make herself feel better.

Khwezikwazi's wish is to see Lehasa Maphosa died because she was thinking that he is dead after stabbing him twice in the chest, so it is very fortunate that Lehasa Maphosa is still alive, so she wants another chance to finish him.

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