'Causes of family feuds in Kenya today'


Over the recent years domestic disputes and violence has been on the rise at an alarming percentage sparking waves of different reactions worldwide.According to NCADV 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men has been a victim of violence by an intimate person.

In Kenya,the local news has broadcasted such news numerous times which is very sad to say.A family is wired to nurture unity,love,care and tolerance as members are one in blood.Things have greatly changed and below are some of the possible causes of violence in our families;


Children may feel too important than the others hence they may want to be in charge of things especially when the parents are not around fuiling arguments from the other children resulting to quarrels and misunderstandings which might be serious in some circumstances.


Child-parent relationships may be catastrophic in the cases of absentee parents.Children feel secure and loved when their parents are physically present and responsible for their needs.The relationship,however,turns vile when the parents neglect such vital duties which might result to confrontation hence violent due to anger by the children.


I have personally witnessed families dragging each other to courts over inheritance cases.They fail to meet a mutual understanding on who to take over the fortune left by the deceased which turns to tantrums and in some extreme cases there deaths occured.

In conclusion those are a few causes of violence in our families and we as families we should amicable ways to settle our differences than resigning to violence.

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