Rest In Peace King. Jamie Bartlett Has Passed Away.

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Previous Rhythm City entertainer Jamie Bartlett has passed on. He was 55. The death of Bartlett was affirmed by a relative, who addressed eNCA on Monday night.

Among different jobs, Bartlett was known for playing David Genaro on eTV's Rhythm City until 2020 and won three Saftas for the job.

Addressing etv at the hour of Bartlett's exit from the show, Rhythm City chief Eric Mogale, portrayed Bartlett as a "delicate goliath".

"Working with Bartlett was like being encircled by significance consistently, a delicate goliath, educator and clearly ability. He is a multi-capable man. Shooting his exit was one of the best story lines that I needed to manage in my whole profession and it provided me with a ton of tension, restless evenings realizing that an incredible educator is leaving our floor," he said.

Sympathies have been pouring in via online entertainment as South Africans bid goodbye to the amazing entertainer.

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