The FUFU lovers: Do you also do these on weekends- The last one is your favourite.


It is very difficult for many people to have fun and do any form of household chores due to the busy schedule. During the weekends we carry out these activities

1.     Fufu

Walk into any Ghanaian home on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Definitely, you are more likely to hear the thundering sounds of a pestle smashing into a mortar. Fufu, the great tasting yet highly satisfying meal is being prepared. Making this meal involves a lot of hard work and takes time hence the desire to prepare it on weekends.

2.     Washing


3.     Beach


4.     Market

It is very healthy and best to grab the foodstuff fresh and cook immediately- this can be possible on weekends. Other forms of shopping may also be done.

5.     Sleep

Everyone loves Saturday. End of the western work week, a day to sleep in-Saturday is special.

Make the weekend very special from the week days, try these new things

Family game time: This is not only a fun way to spend an evening indoors, but a great strategy for keeping your family connected and communicating positively during the increasingly stressful quarantine.

Kid’s choice day: Set one day each weekend where the kids call the shots. From letting them choose every activity all day long (within reason), to picking every meal that day, to deciding which movie to watch that night, this tradition can be tailored to whatever works best for your family.