Kericho: Nelson Koech Message After Leading in 99% of the Polling Stations

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Belgut Mp Nelson Koech has won UDA nominations as has now been confirmed. As early as yester night it had been clear that the vocal Mp alias Sonko was going to carry the day and fly UDA ticket in the coming elections. Residents had flocked his residence yester night to start celebrations.

The leader has given a message after the landslide win which saw him win 99% of the total polling stations in Belgut.

"I am humbled by the massive endorsement from the people of Belgut Constituency to fly the UDA flag. Leading in 99% of polling stations is an honour that i can only thank God for. I thank my worthy competitors in the race who have graciously accepted that we work together for the betterment of our constituency." Part of Sonko's message reads.

The leader further thanked the voters and UDA party leader William Ruto for overseeing what he termed as 'the most organized nomination in history of independent Kenya'

Nelson Koech has promised to do all that brings honour and dignity to UDA party within and beyond Belgut.

The leader earned the name Sonko due to his act of dishing out thousands in shillings of handout to voters while Campaigning.

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