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Spiritual/ancestral clothing

Ancestral clothing its more of an ancestral image and its specific presentation /Driving force of uniqueness.

It also speaks of time and period.Ancestral clothing be handed over to you by a dream.( that's an instructions to you from ancestors).

Ceremonies are determined by a specific dress code. It also shows you how many ancestors you have.Being showed spiritual clothes its a guidance from ancestors that covers what can not be said but seen.

Cloths are like a garden with nice flowers you need to walk tall and be proud.Big 5- How fast your ancestors are.Lion- Surname or Your roots.

Foreign spirit

 If you dream of water mostly you have the foreign spirits. It includes Fambe cloth. leopard) - mostly used by kings and traditionalhealers, prophecy and healers related.

Chicken - Ancestors who are quick to respond. .Ancestral clothes.BLACK can represent traditional healer who have completed their process.

It also represents the level of teaching.Includes power, respect and maturity. WHITE represents Innocence and Light.

RED initiates, the basic colors of initiation is plain red, white, and black as one starts a journey.


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