The "Pear Of Anguish" Used On African Slaves To Torture Them Into Submission.

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The Object you are seeing in the image below is a torture instrument called the "Pear of Anguish" OR "Choke Pear" During the time of slavery, slave owners would used it on any black male(African) slaves who refused them anal $@x.

They would insert it into the rectum of the slave and turned the screw on the other end until it is fully opened, and caused massive destruction in the rectum of their victims, and sometimes even death.

In cases of women slaves, they would insert it into their privates and turned the screw until it stretches her beyond limits and caused her to bleed to death and sometimes infertility. If the slave owners found out that a slave was lying, they would insert it into the mouth of that slave and stretched it as possible as it could go until the jaws of the slave is broken......

So many evil things they did. What kind of a human being would subject a fellow human to such penury and torture, if not the devil himself?........

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