City Blogger Funnily Reveals Why You Should Never Ask A Luo To Book You A Hotel Room


Luos in Kenya are popularly known for their exaggerated lifestyle. A luo guy will live a precious life even if he is just a hustler. They believe that you should use the little cash you have for enjoyment. Actually they are experts in misusing their salary.

To affirm all these claims, if you have any Luo friend then do a follow-up and see the situation at his rural home. The guy will be driving a big vehicle in town yet he does not even have a house in the village.

Now few minutes back, city blogger Abraham Mutai has narrated how a luo friend wasted his money. He says that he was to travel to Kisumu so he called his friend to book him an hotel room in the city. Mutai reveals that he was shocked when the man told him that he has secured one room which is 8,000 shillings per night.

Funnily, Mutai says that in the neighborhood, their are numerous hotel room which cost 4000 per night so he failed to understand why the guy would go for the expensive one. For this reason, He said that you should never send a Luo to do such a job because he'll obviously go for the most expensive one.