Try Out This Finger Licking Recipe And Thank Me Later.


Most of us a privileged to eat three square meals daily. But it's as if we've been eating the same thing since time immemorial. How about you try new recipes. In most homes the thought of eating any pastry means buying it. How about you the cycle. Isn't it just nice to be able to prepare most of the foods that you crave for. Talk of both continental and local. Even with the local foods not just that of your tribe but of others as well.

When you're able to acquire such a skill you just don't walk with pride but you're respected as well, and on the brightest side, you can earn something 'small' from it. You also gain the ability to make sumptuous meals out of many ingredients.

Let's try out sausage rolls today. Here are the ingredients needed.

* 2 cups of flour

* a cup of milk

*1/3 cup of sugar

* a pinch of salt

* 1 tablespoon of nutmeg

* 1 tablespoon of yeast

* 3 medium sized eggs

* 100g of margarine or butter

* sausages

Here the procedure;

* in a bowl pour your two cups of flour inside.

* Add your sugar, salt, nutmeg, yeast to the flour and mix.

* Add your margarine and mix till it us well incorporated.

* You then add the milk and 2 eggs to the mixture and mix well.

* Knead it till it doesn't stick to your hand. You can add a little bit of flour to prevent it from sticking to your hand, but please be cautious.

* Cover the mixture and set aside for about 20 minutes for it to rise.

* spread a little flour on a clean surface. If you don't have any clean,dry surface you can use chopping board instead, just make sure it's clean and dry and spread a little bit of flour on it. The flour is to prevent the dough from sticking to the surface

* cut a sizable amount of the dough. Using a rolling pin or glass bottle spread it on the surface.

* place your sausage whether full or half in it, and roll it for the dough to form a blanket around the sausage.

* repeat the aforementioned till you exhaust the dough.

* use the remaining egg to form an egg wash on the surface of your sausage rolls. This helps you know when it's ready and it makes it more attractive.

* cover the surface of your baking tray with a little bit of flour and place your sausage rolls in them.

* preheat your oven to about 200 degrees .

* don't place the tray directly on the heat else it will burn way before it will be cooked.

* Bake until the egg wash starts to turn into golden brown. That should take about 15-20 minutes.

So there you've it. Your sausage rolls are ready. Be sure to like share this amazing recipe with others because it's finger licking good. Kindly like, share and follow me. See you next time, until then please stay safe and mask up. Did you enjoy this? Please let me know. Bye!