Lovely Photos Of Phil Foden With His Partner Rebecca, and Their Handsome Son Ronnie.

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Phil Foden is an English professional footballer who plays as an Attacker for Premier League club Manchester City.He is 21 years old and he is among Pep Guardiola's First Eleven.He also won the PFA young player of the year award for The 2020/21 season.

Apart from Phil foden being one of the talented Young players in the world, he is also in a relationship with his Childhood Friend Rebecca Cooke and they are blessed with a lovely Son.

Phil Foden and his Partner Rebecca Cooke had their First child Ronnie in 2019, while Foden was 18 years old and the two of them are expecting their second child according to what foden disclosed in April.

Below are some beautiful pictures of Foden and his Girlfriend Rebecca:

Also they are blessed with a lovely Son Ronnie and below are beautiful photos of Phil Foden and his son

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