Sadly Fameye part ways with his manager

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The USD 50,000 deal was to cover management and all music-related expenses for the duration of the contract.

Last year, however, the contract fell apart after Ogidi Brown accused Fameye of defrauding him and failing to account for several events he performed outside of Ghana.

Their feud escalated to the point when Ogidi Brown dragged Fameye to Antoa, a well-known shrine in the Ashanti Region, to kill him.

In December 2020, Ogidi Brown declared in a live broadcast on his Instagram page, "You have fooled me for years." “Sometimes you bring investors in under the impression that they will sign you and repay my money. After that, you blame it on coronavirus. Until now, you've been misleading me.

But it appears that their problems have been addressed, and Ogidi Brown has consented to finally let Fameye go.

FameyeWorldwide, issued a statement saying he appreciates Ogidi Brown and that his time on the label has been "delightful and productive."

“A heartfelt thank you and appreciation to Ogidi Brown and OGB Music's whole management,” it said.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce my separation from OGB Music and management. Following conversations and an agreement between OGB Music and me, this split was made. We've mutually agreed to part ways in the future, but we'll always be there for each other.”

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