Ohemaa mercy narrates a sad story about her life between her and her landlord over 15 cedis rent.

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Popular gospel musician Ohemaa Mercy narrates her story between her and her landlord over 15 cedis rent back in the days where she was a teacher at St. Peters Anglican school in Koforidua.

The gospel musician spoke on Adom TV's m'ahyase3 show with Afia Amakwa Tamakloe saying, during those days life was not easy for her and her landlord troubles her all the time over 15 cedis rent.

Ohemaa mercy said because of the embarrassment from her landlord she had to wake up early as 4:00 am and leave home so that her landlord will not come and meet her at home.

She continued that life was so difficult in a way that a blender seller came to her class and embarrassed her because she owes her.

Ohemaa mercy said she was so depressed and even questioned God that why am I suffering like this and suddenly she said she heard a tiny voice saying she shouldn't give up and all this difficulties are preparing her to become somebody in future.

She said one day she woke up and left and as she was going she met a man of God and the man gave her 20 cedis and bless her and that was her turning point.

Life is like a storm depend on God and never give up.

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