Man (25) raped and robbed old man in Mpumalanga. According to Daily Sun.

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The violence in this country needs urgent prayers.

According to Daily Sun an unfortunate incident has occured. This offence is one unusual and disheartening one. The incident is said to have occured in Ga-motibidu just outside of Dwarsloo in Limoppo.

The young offender is said to have appeared in court yesterday and will return on the first of July 2022 for his sentencing.

This is how it all occured, the 65 years old old man is said to have been at his home when an intruder made his way into his house. The intruder was allegedly asked by the old man what he wanted. The young man then raped and robbed the old man.

This all occured earlier this week and he has already been caught. This is definitely an achievement for the police officers who made this possible.

Let's hoep that justice will be served and the old man will find healing.

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