What is the Cost of Constructing and Installing Appliances in a Modern Kitchen


Right now, most people are preferring to have modern kitchens in their house. You can build a modern kitchen in a two, three or four bedroom house. The cost of this modern kitchen will be determined by the it's size and so many other things you need to install. Modern kitchen has so many amazing features that makes your house to look beautiful. The cost of your kitchen will ne determine by things like;The floor. A modern kitchen need an amazing flour installed with tiles. The cost of installing tiles will depend with the size of the kitchen and also the quality of the tiles. On average the prices of floor tiles in Kenya is between Ksh 700 to Ksh 1,800 per square meter i.e. 1 meter by 1 meter square.

Secondly, you need to install drawers that are very useful for storage of different kitchen utensils and foods. Deep drawers, dividers, and inserts allow you to organize anything in your kitchen such that you know what to put in each drawer. These drawers also makes the kitchen to look so beautiful. Installing drawers is not expensive since you need to hire experts who can bid for their prices.

Another thing, you will need to install so many other important appliances such as Sink, oven, Refrigerator and also cookers. The cost of all these will depend with their quality and also your taste. You will also need to apply painting in your kitchen walls to acquire a nice and beautiful look. Modern kitchen are amazing in such a way thay you can stil monitor your kids playing in the table room while still cooking. Please share.

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