See Recent Pictures Of The Amputee, Mary Who Used To Hawk Pure Water


Most times I keep telling people that been born in Nigeria is a blessing not because of the good government or the infrastructures that are already put in place for the masses but because of the kind-hearted citizens of the country what has the wellbeing of the mass and the progress of the country in their mind.

Recall, few weeks back the story of an amputated lady hawking pure water flooded the internet and different social media. Indeed the pictures taken and its caption captured the attention of Nigerians who came to her aid to donate 14.3 million naira to help her start up a new business and a good life rather than hawking in the streets with her condition.

Few hours ago, recent pictures of Mary was released on Twitter by a Twitter user identified as Funmibi. Judging from the published pictures, she has transformed from been a hawker to a beauty queen. Check out the post and her recent pictures below.

A lot of Nigerians were clad after seeing some of these pictures, Here's some of their comments.

What do you have to say about her new look and those that helped her?


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