What Is Your Final Destination ?

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I was listening to a program on BBC this morning about an Alzheimer's patient and the lady said something profound. She said we are all going in the same direction eventually. It’s just that some of us are warier and reminded of the destination by our bodies every day because of the way we feel when we wake up every day. In other words, whether you are sick or healthy, we are all going to die eventually

So whether you feel healthy or strong or you are being reminded every morning of your destination by your body, there is only one thing that matters in this world. That you will connect with your source for a second chance at life after death. By accepting the finished works of Yeshua to redeem man from the curse of the law, you will be redeemed into the law of life which guarantees you eternal life

Every day is a step closer to your eventual destination. No matter how slow or quickly you grow, you are only growing to become a baby again. A baby who will need to be taken care of by another person. Maybe you can pay a visit to one home for the elderly and understand better. But whatever you decide to don’t forget the most important thing, Get closer to Jehovah, get to know Jehovah, and build a personal relationship with him

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