Rema Takes A Female Fan on A Date, See What He Did to the Lady During the Outing (Video)


Rema Takes A Female Fan on Date, See What He Did to the Lady During the Outing (Video).

Rema as his popularly known is one of the youngest hip hop singers in Nigeria. The youngster is less than 20 years old.

Rema came into limelight in the Nigerian music industry about a year ago.

The talented singer recently announced on twitter that he will like to go on a date with one of his fans.

Thousands of fans are interested in going out with Rema but he only needs one person.

The singer finally selects one young beautiful lady for the outing.

Earlier today, Rema posted a short video from the expensive outing, the date happened on a cruise boat.

What got the attention of social media was the way Rema was handling the young lady.

He hugged her from behind and started kissing her romantically.

In the short video, the lady in question never uttered a word when the youngest was doing all that. Maybe she was too excited about the outing or she was shocked by the musician's behavior.

However, social media users have reacted to the video. Some argued that Rema's action is not polite because the young lady might not be comfortable with that.

Some said no big deal in his actions and since the lady did not object, that means she consented to it.

See some comments below.

"This is sexual harassment. Because you take her on a date does not give you permission to peck her, did she give you consent? Why can’t you go on a date with a guy?? A date! Not sexual harassment. Y’all always sexualizing women"

"Na your date? Abi Na your sister? The girl wey dey the date complain you? Bro if you don’t know what to tweet baba go sleep."

"Who be dis abeg??😂😂😂 Is it not obvious that she was super comfortable with it? Did she tell you she was being harassed? Calm down please 😂😂😂."

"She is coerced into doing this. She is scared he might throw her off the boat if she refuses."

See the video in the link below.

Ginger me ❤️ #Remafandate

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