The Poultry Bird That Starts Laying Eggs When It Is 40-45 days Old


There is a wide range of birds you can keep as poultry. Chicken, turkey, guinea foul, ducks, geese, ostrich and many more but the bird I am going to talk about is called quail.

My name is Paul and I am a quail breeder at Nkawkaw in the Eastern region.

When quails are six weeks old, they start laying eggs and by the eighth week, you have about 80%-90% of them laying. It assures you of early income

Another good thing about quail farming is that you don't need a large space to start. A 12ft by 16ft coop size can house about 800 quails. This can only be possible when you keep them in cages. 800 quails can give you about 25 crates of eggs everyday. 30 eggs per crate.

Quail egg is very expensive due to its high nutritional values. It ranges from Ghc20 to Ghc35 per crate depending on whether you sell in the cities or rural areas.

For avoidance of doubt, am going to use Ghc10 per crate in the analyses below. Assuming you keep 800 birds and harvest 25 crates of eggs everyday and sell it for Ghc10 per crate, you will earn Ghc250 everyday. The cost of keeping 800 matured quails in a day is estimated around Ghc70 but let's assume you spend Ghc100 on them everyday. This gives you Ghc150 profit everyday including holidays and weekends.

Quail farming is a very lucrative venture and i encourage you to give it a try.

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