Video: Outrage As Dubai Police Releases The Of How Hushpuppi Was Arrested


Video: Outrage As Dubai Police Releases The Of How Hushpuppi Was Arrested

In case you don't know what's trending currently, Hushpuppi is undoubtedly going to be free from all the Internet fraud he has been up to. Fireboy DML’s Party Scatter is the current mood on Twitter as Nigerians react to the detailed report the Dubai Police released on Hushpuppi’s arrest, calling it an ‘action film’.

Recall that news media (Opera News) reported how the Dubai Media Police shared the video on Twitter, revealing Hushpuppi, Woodberry and 10 others were arrested in an operation called Fox Hunt 2 after 4 months of trailing and tracking.

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The report revealed that the Dubai E-Police team tracked him and the others with their social media pages as they are known to flaunt their wealth online. This was the tool used in tracking every of their moves.

Dubai has released a 4 minute official visual report of how its Police has again conquered some suspected cyber crime offenders who have been defrauding people across different parts of the world of their money – Nigeria’s very own Hushpuppi, among others.

In a detailed 4-minute video made available by the Dubai Media Office, the Nigerian big boy, Woodberry and ten other international cybercriminals were said to have been arrested via a special operation the Police dubbed Fox Hunt 2.

As reported, Hushpuppi and the others were tracked and trailed for four months before they were arrested finally. Unfortunately for them, their flaunting on social media was one of the tools that made their arrests possible.

According to the report, the Dubai E-Police team tracked his every move and took note of his social media activities. The report further revealed that he and his team would create fake pages for existing websites in order to redirect victims’ payments to their own accounts, and the victims so far are said to be over 1.9million people.

According to the video, Hushpuppi and his entourages has been monitored for 4 good months.

Reacting, Nigerians blame the arrest on Hushpuppi, asking why he would be flaunting so much when his ways are not pure. Others are amazed at the number of victims he and his counterparts were said to have defrauded, over 1.9 million people. Others, however, are imagining how long he would have stayed rich for with the whole of 1.6 billion Dubai Dirham he was said to have defrauded people of.People across the social media has lamented to this act of fraud put on by this disgraceful Nigerian.

An immediate calculation of the amount he laundered was made through a Google search and it resulted to this:

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