Who Is A Better Singer Between This Two Nigeria Idol Contestants.

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Nigeria Idol, the music reality show is gradually coming to an end, today, Clinton was evicted leaving Akunna, Comfort, Beyonce, Kingdom, Faith, Daniel, Francis, and Emmanuel to fight for a spot for next week.

Their performance tonight was electrifying, they all gave it their best shot, Akunna and Beyonce performed Seyi Shay's song who happened to be one of the judges. Comfort performed Duduke by Simi, Kingdom did Davido's song "Aye", Faith and Francis did Flavor's song, which got the judges screaming and shouting.

Now from the beginning of the show a lot of people have been comparing one contestant to the other most especially Comfort and Beyonce. They have been compared based on their age, stature, structures, beauty, outspokenness, boldness, and most importantly their voices. this has generated a lot of debates on social media, some are in support of Beyonce while others are rooting for Comfort.

These two people for me are incomparable apart from the fact that they happened to be competing for the same prize nothing again can be compared, they have a different kind of voice, one is gentle the other one is outspoken and playful, they both came from different backgrounds and environment, some comparing them is not just right.

We all should support our favorite contestants in peace and stop the comparison.

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