Watch: Look For Money And Fame Not Heaven -Rev. Obofour

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Reverend Obofour is the founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC). He is known to be a man who has a lot of church members across the country.

He is a Pastor who believes in the acquisition of earthly wealth. This is made known publicly in the number of luxurious cars he owns. He also display a lot of wealth when it comes to public gatherings like weddings and funerals.

Some Christians criticize the way and manner in which he spends his money. They believe that as a man of God, earthly wealth should not be you aim and that he is ensure that he leads his church members on the righteous way to heaven.

The man of God has stated again on his television show that there are only two things everyone in the world should be looking for. He said that we were not brought to this world to look for heaven but we should rather be searching for money and fame.

According to Rev. Obofour it is not heaven that will feed our children but rather the money and fame we accumulate in this world that will cater for our young ones. This suggests that Christians should shift their focus from heaven centeredness to searching for money and fame.

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