Take A Look At 6 Animals That Mate Themselves To Death


While extremely rare among mammals, the so-called "semelparity" or suicidal reproduction is common in nature. However, many plants including all grains, vegetables, and all plants that live just a year reproduce this way. For example the salmon, insects, and a handful of frogs and lizards.

The question is this: is lovemaking really worth dying for? Well there are a few animals out there that die while they mate with their partners. These are the animals that die during the lovemaking sessions and the list of them can actually shock you, because these animals are not worth dying.

1. Furcifer Labordi Chameleons

During their mating, it's all about violent males fighting males and females fighting males. Well according to researchers, if these chameleons don't kill each other while trying to mate, then hormone overdoses due to high levels of aggression can also kill them.

2. Male Australian Redback Spiders

It's so surprising that the male Australian redback spiders sacrifice themselves after sex by committing sexual suicide. However, they prefer being eaten by a predator instead of mating with any other female spider.

3. The Male Little Red Kaluta

The male little red kaluta is the oldest grassland dwelling mammal that dies while love making. However, this is one of the species of the four marsupial mammals that dies after making love.

4. Male Brazilian Slender Opossums

According to researchers, the male Brazilian slender opossums dies after making love with the female opossums and the female also dies after giving birth. So strange, isn't it? Well it just their nature.

5. The Male Antechinus

Well it might shock you that the male antechinus dies after a non stop 14 hours of sex session. The stress of the breeding season destroys their immune system and also leads to liver infections. The parasites in the blood and intestines then causes the death of this male antechinus.

6. Praying mantis

The praying mantis die soon after reproducing. However, the female mantis often cannibalize the male mantis by biting off his head. This is indeed shocking!.

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