"Arsenal Will Fail To Qualify"- Man Who Predicted Chelsea's Victory Says (Photos)


Some people are born with different kinds of gift. Some are born with the gift of of dreaming about what will happen in the future and it usually come to pass.

A good example is a man named @BettKMax on Twitter who predicted Chelsea's victory against Real Madrid. According to him, he said that he had a dream and in his dream, Chelsea won Real Madrid by two goals to nil.

He also added that Mount and Werner scored the two goals. His predictions were correct, Chelsea actually scored two goals and the goals were scored by the two player he mentioned in his tweet.

After people saw that what he said came to pass, they begin to ask him questions like, will I ever find true love?, who am I getting married to?, how many kids will I give birth to?, and many more.

A fan asked him that does he see Arsenal getting to UEFA European League final? His reply to this question is that Arsenal will fail to proceed.

See the screenshot of his tweet below.

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