Are gold teeth still fashionable?

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Gold teeth have been worn by humans for several centuries back. It was the backbone of some cultures - the Egyptians, Italians, South Africans all viewed it as classy.

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In the past, it was worn for its durability. It was more durable compared to other metals like mercury. Dentists now use dental implants and porcelain instead of gold.

Gold teeth were not only used for tooth-health-related matters, but it was also a fashion trend.

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Rappers fixed gold teeth to look fashionable - they used them for their music videos and performing at shows. It wasn't long before people bought the idea of fixing one for themselves to look classy and fashionable.


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In recent years, wearing gold teeth isn't as trendy as it used to be, but you will still spot some people with it. Shockingly, the older generation who had it is replacing it with new dental implants and porcelain.

As they say, trends come and goes. Maybe one day, the world will see the comeback of gold teeth in the fashion world.

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