Mwingi Central Ex-MP Involved In a Grisly Accident

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It is just in 3 days after the river Enziu Tragedy which is reported to have claimed lives of 33 Kenyans who were on transit to attend a mission of wedding ceremony.

The rescue team deployed in the site of insidence are trying all they could to recover the bodies submerged in the river Enziu

Again, the residents are shocked with another tragedic report of an accident involving one of the top leaders of Mwingi Central.

According to report this hour by a reliable media source, the ex-mwingi central member of Parliament Joe Mutambu has been involved in a grisly road crash.

The report indicates further that the driver has succumbed on the spot. The traffic police is being deployed in the site of insidence to atleast salvange the situation.

The residents of Mwingi is now wondering what could be the cause of these traggedic occurence that happen one after the other.

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