Story Emerge of an Oath Taken in 1969 to Prevent Kikuyu From Voting Leaders from Other Regions

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With few days remaining towards the general election, politicians and especially those vying for senior positions in the government have been seen doing all they can to ensure they win the confidence of voters from different parts.

This is evident by the endless rallies and campaigns that are going on all over the country.

Following this political heat and especially by the presidential candidates, there have emerged ghost stories of all kinds.

Recently, Moses Kuria has sparked debate after he gave a reason as to why the Kikuyu and especially from Central Kenya won't vote for Raila Odinga.

Image Courtesy;photo collage.

Based on a report by, Moses Kuria has revived a story of an oath taken in 1969 by late billionaire and a former minister Njenga Karume.

Following the assassination of the then powerful minister Tom Mboya, leaders were forced to take oaths to pledge their allegiance to President Kenyatta in his house at Ichaweri.

Image Courtesy; photo of late billionaire Njenga Karume.

The oath was also taken to ensure that the leadership won't be taken away from the Kikuyu community.

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