"Ruto Is Boring, He Is Reading a Seminar Paper Writing By David Ndii" Mutahi Ngunyi Blasts DP Ruto

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Professor Mutahi Ngunyi has hinted through his official twitter page in response to the launch of DP Ruto's Manifesto.

He slammed the second in command of the republic of Kenya William Ruto Alleging that he is so boring reading a seminar paper writing by David Ndii.

"Ruto is boring. He is reading a seminar paper written by David Ndii. And the men in silk Suits do not look like hustlers. 

Mutahi Ngunyi had earlier claimed that professor George Wajackoyah's manifesto might be more interested then deputy president William Ruto's Manifesto.

What are your expectations in deputy president William Ruto's Manifesto? Do you think that the second in command of the republic of Kenya William Ruto can beat Raila Odinga in this year's presidential election?

It's now a matter of wait and see what happens in the coming months if Raila Odinga will win the August 9 presidential election or not.

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