Enoch Godongwana Has Just Delievered Bad News To The Public

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Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana has rejected that the National Treasury will present a family give soon.

This comes after reports arose that a family award was on the cards and Godongwana planned to declare it. Be that as it may, he didn't raise the issue when he postponed the medium term financial plan strategy articulation in Parliament last month.

The pastor has since stood firm that there would be no such award to supplant the social help of trouble award.

Godongwana was answering to a composed inquiry in Parliament from IFP delegate pioneer Mzamo Buthelezi, who needed to know whether the National Treasury was creating a strategy on the family award. Buthelezi additionally needed to know whether there would be a pilot project on this award.

"Public Treasury isn't drafting an arrangement on a family neediness award. There will be no pilot as National Treasury isn't drafting the arrangement," said Godongwana.


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The public authority says a choice will be taken in March one year from now on whether to proceed with the social alleviation of trouble award of R350 acquainted accordingly with the Covid-19 pandemic last year.

In his financial plan discourse last month, Godongwana said more than 9.2 million individuals had been paid through the award. He said this had pushed the quantity of individuals getting social awards in the nation up to 27 million.

The social administrations financial plan is one of the biggest use things in the public financial plan, at well over R200 billion.

The social alleviation award was begun after the nation went into lockdown because of the pandemic in March last year and was pointed toward padding numerous families who couldn't make money.

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